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This section of the website contains tutorials and instructions for using the KAIRA facility (and LOFAR stations more generally). It has been created following the KAIRA Technical Workshop in September 2017, but material is still being developed for it. New sections will be added as soon as they are ready.

  • How KAIRA works — This is a series of web-log posts made during the early stages of the KAIRA development. The series describes the principles of a phased-array system such as KAIRA. It uses diagrams and analogies to explain the concepts.

    Mar-Apr-2011, KAIRA online series, EXTERNAL LINK

  • Subband Statistics Tutorial — A tutoral series for experimenting and understanding subband statistics files, including an introduction to radio-frequency interference (RFI) and subband science experiments. Useful for all LOFAR single-station experiments, not just KAIRA.

    25-Dec-2017, McKay, D., Exercises for the I-LOFAR Single Station Workshop (08-10-Jan-2018)

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