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KAIRA observes continuously, 24-hours a day and all-year-round. The default observation mode is handled by KBT (KAIRA Background Task), unless a special experiment or campaign is scheduled. See the science data policy page for information about using the facility and the data policy.

Current schedule

The current schedule is available HERE

Historical schedule

Before adapting to the next schedule system, the original observation list for KAIRA was as follows. The new schedule was adopted in early 2015.

  • Sep 2012 : Scintillation campaign (ASTRON/SGO)
  • Dec 2012 : EISCAT campaign (Oulu/SGO)
  • 26-Mar-2013 : VLBI campaign (MPIfR/SGO)
  • 26-May to 05-Jun 2013 : Scintillation campaign (ASTRON/SGO)
  • 06-Jun-2013 : Official Opening Ceremony 
  • 25-Jul-2013 to 30-Jul-2013 : PMSE campaign (UiT/Lancaster/SGO)
  • 09-Oct-2013 to 16-Nov-2013 : Targeted riometry (U. Southampton/SGO)
  • 29-Oct-2013 to 31-Oct-2013 : Heating/scintillation (UiT/RIAN/SGO)
  • 25-Nov-2013 to 29-Nov-2013: Support Finnish EISCAT experiments (U. Oulu/SGO)
  • 10-Dec-2013 to 10-Mar-2014: SFIR campaign (SGO)
  • 07-Jan-2014 to 09-Jan-2014: Scintillation campaign (ASTRON/SGO)
  • 20-Jan-2014 to 22-Jan-2014: Global VLBI (GMRT/LOFAR/MPIfR/SGO)
  • 04-Feb-2014 to 06-Feb-2014: Radio emission campaign (Penn State/MIT/SGO) [cancelled; technical failure]
  • 04-Mar-2014 to 06-Mar-20: Heating experiment 1200-1400 UTC (UiT/RIAN/SGO)
  • 07-Mar-2014 to 09-Mar-2014: Radio emission campaign (Penn State/MIT/SGO) 
  • 05-Apr-2014 to 08-Apr-2014: Radio emission campaign (Penn State/MIT/SGO) 
  • 23-Apr-2014 to 25-Apr-2014 : Solar observing (Aalto/SGO)
  • 29-Apr-2014 to 30-Apr-2014 : Solar observing (Aalto/SGO)
  • 06-May-2014 : KAIRA control system upgrade (ASTRON)
  • 07-May-2014 to 08-May-2014 : Solar observing (Aalto/SGO)
  • 08-May-2014 to 09-May-2014 : TomoScand + Quadriphase-coded experiments (U. Oulu/SGO)
  • 13-May-2014 to 15-May-2014 : Solar observing (Aalto/SGO)
  • 19-May-2014 to 23-May-2014 : Site maintenance work (Tech.Unit)
  • 20-May-2014 to 22-May-2014 : Solar observing (Aalto/SGO), secondary
  • 20-May-2014 to 23-May-2014 : Calibration, modes 7,5,3 -- overnight
  • 23-May-2014 to 25-May-2014 : Solar observing (TDC/SGO)
  • 27-May-2014 to 28-May-2014 : Solar observing (Aalto/SGO)
  • 03-Jun-2014 to 05-Jun-2014 : Solar observing (Aalto/SGO)
  • 08-Jun-2014 to 11-Jun-2014 : TomoScand + GUSPS (SGO)
  • 10-Jun-2014 to 12-Jun-2014 : Solar observing (Aalto/SGO)
  • 16-Jun-2014 to 19-Jun-2014 : Major site repair work (all)
  • 17-Jun-2014 to 19-Jun-2014 : Solar observing (Aalto/SGO), secondary
  • 26-Aug-2014 to 29-Aug-2014 : Site maintenance
  • 15-Feb-2015 to 20-Feb-2015 : FPI / EISCAT-VHF support (SGO/UCL)

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