Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory


19.-23.8.2019 46th Annual European Meeting on Atmospheric Studies by Optical Methods
The so-called Optical Meeting (46AM) brings together scientists using or developing optical methods to atmopsheric phenomena ot any kind.
19.-23.8.2019 19th International EISCAT Symposium
The 19th International EISCAT Symposium is a biennial bringing together scientists using or developing incoherent scatter radars anywhere in the world.
12.-17.8.2019 International EISCAT Radar School
The EISCAT Radar School is targeted at scientists at any stage of their career, who want to learn about how to use incoherent scatter radars and interpret their data products.
26.3.2019 1st Finnish EISCAT_3D User Meeting
The 1st Finnish EISCAT_3D User Meeting aims to inform the broad space physics, atmospheric and radio science community on the current status and the future plans concerning the EISCAT_3D radar facility.
09.-11.1.2019 X Observatory Days 2019
X Observatory Days. It will be 10th meeting after restarting 2008 with name Sodankylä Seminar.
10.-12.1.2018 IX Observatory Days 2018
IX Observatory Days
11.-13.1.2017 VII Observatory Days 2017
VII Observatory Days
24.-30.7.2016 International EISCAT Radar School 2016
International EISCAT/NSF Incoherent Scatter Radar School.
13.-15.1.2016 Observatory Days 2016
The Sodankylä Seminar is now called Observatory Days.
29.10.-18.11.2015 EISCAT/VLF Measurement Campaign 2015
The annual measurement campaign is centred around the use of the EISCAT incoherent scatter radars. In support of the radar measurements, several other instruments are deployed at various locations. These include a VLF station in central Lapland, a photometer and an auroral camera at the EISCAT station in Tromsø.
27.-28.8.2015 FinCOSPAR2015
SGO and FMI-ARC will organize FinCOSPAR meeting in Luosto.
20.03.2015 Partial Solar Eclipse
The solar eclipse on 20th March 2015 will be visible as a partial eclipse in Lapland.
7.-9.1.2015 Observatory Days 2015
The Sodankylä Seminar is now called Observatory Days.

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