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Data products

Under development...

The following is a rough guide to the sorts of data products that are available. Note that additional facilities might be available for specialised experiments. Potential observers are encouraged to discuss their requirements with the KAIRA team to ensure optimal data for their experiment.

Data product TypeDescription
Subband statistics SST all 512 subbands, min. 1-second integration
Beamlet statistics BST upto 244 beamlets, min. 1-second integration
Cross correlation statistics XST single subband, min. 1-second integration
Array covariance cubes ACC cross-correlations, stepped subbands, 1s integration only
Transient Buffer Board pages TBB§ Transient Buffer Board data
Transient Buffer Board raw data    § UDP streamed data
Beamlet raw data    ¶ UDP streamed data

§ Transient buffer boards are installed at KAIRA, but remain un-tested and without software support them at this stage. If a need arises to implement TBB functionality, please contact the KAIRA PI.

¶ Beamlet raw data can be recorded with a number of different programmes, such as KUW, KLP or KUG. Each has its own data storage format. This is the standard method of recording medium- to high-speed data with KAIRA. KUW data are typically recorded at 100 Hz. KLP and KUG are recorded at raw, maximum data rates.

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