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KAIRA operates the standard LOFAR station control software. In addition, an extensive suite of utilities has been created by McKay et al., specifically for KAIRA operations, as listed below. KAIRA software is being actively developed, with improvements, fixes and new features being added on a regular basis.

Software list

The following is the current KAIRA software suite, being run at the KAIRA data archive in Tromsø. Additionally, some of these software programmes are run elsewhere, as well as on the KAIRA station itself. The list shows the version number and the date of the most recent software update. Some packages are listed, but without versions or dates. This is because they have not yet been ported to support the new automated version control system.

KAIRA Software Versions -- v56

--- Computer details ---
    computer name = kaira21 
    computer platform = Linux-4.15.0-171-generic-x86_64-with-Ubuntu-18.04-bionic
    date of test = 2022-03-17 11:12

--- Package software ---
    python version = 2.7.17
    numpy version = 1.16.6
    scipy version = 1.2.3
    (py)ephem version =
    matplotlib version = 2.2.5
    PIL version = (not installed)

--- Optional packages ---
    astropy version = 2.0.16
    casacore version = (not installed)
    ffnet version = (not installed)
    h5py version = (not installed)
    SpacePy version = (not installed)

--- Utilities ---
    zstd = 1.2.0 

--- KAIRA software ---
    kas = v49   16-Mar-2022   KAIRA All-Sky imager
    kaw =  - 
    kbt =  - 
    kcb =  - 
    kcd = v11   03-Mar-2017   KAIRA Change Directory
    kcm = v11   20-Mar-2016   KAIRA Create Manuals and Documentation
    kcr = v13   21-Oct-2017   KAIRA Cut RCU-set
    kcs = v10   23-Dec-2017   KAIRA Cut SST
    kct = v18   05-Jul-2017   KAIRA Cron Tasks
    kcx = v15   29-Sep-2018   KAIRA Cut XST
    kda = v12   29-Apr-2017   KAIRA Data Archiver
    kdc = v10   01-Oct-2015   KAIRA Data Coverage
    kdd = v24   06-Jun-2014   KAIRA Desktop Display
    kdf = v10   30-Jan-2015   KAIRA Disk Free
    kdi = v11   30-Mar-2015   KAIRA Data Index
    kdk = v18   16-Sep-2018   KAIRA After Dark
    kdt = v37   05-Dec-2019   KAIRA Data Transfer
    kdv = v10   03-Apr-2017   KAIRA Data VLBI transfer
    kdx = v34   01-Mar-2019   KAIRA Data eXternal
    kdz = v22   25-Feb-2019   KAIRA Data Zstd-compression
    kea = v65   16-Mar-2022   KAIRA E-mail Alert
    keb = v10   21-Feb-2017   KAIRA Extract Beamlet statistics
    keu = v10
    kfd = v10   05-Mar-2018   KAIRA Find Data
    khr = v11   28-Nov-2016   KAIRA Horizon RFI
    kir = v11   07-Nov-2017   KAIRA IVO reset
    kjb =  - 
    kjs =  - 
    kkp = v10   15-Jul-2017   KAIRA Kp Index
    klc = v16   17-Feb-2016   KAIRA Local pipeline Correlator
    klk = v11   24-Aug-2016   KAIRA Local Kombiner
    kln = v11   02-Aug-2019   KAIRA Link
    klp =  - 
    kls = v13   12-Jan-2019   KAIRA List
    kma = v10   20-Feb-2019   KAIRA Monitor All / Archive
    kmb = v18   16-Mar-2022   KAIRA Monitor Beamlet-statistics
    kmd = v49   10-Sep-2018   KAIRA Monitor-Data distributor
    kme = v11   20-Aug-2021   KAIRA Monitor web E-mail
    kmh = v27   16-Mar-2022   KAIRA Monitor Host
    kml = v17   27-Aug-2015   KAIRA Monitor Logfiles
    kmp = v12   28-Jan-2015   KAIRA Median Power
    kms = v27   16-Mar-2022   KAIRA Monitor Subband-statistics
    kmt = v19   16-Mar-2022   KAIRA Monitoring Task
    kmw = v12   16-Mar-2022   KAIRA Monitor Waterfall beamlet plot
    kmx = v15   29-Sep-2018   KAIRA Monitor XST
    kpa =  - 
    kpb = v44   14-Jun-2021   KAIRA Plot Beamlet statistics
    kpc = v11   06-Jun-2014   KAIRA Pointing Catalogue
    kpd = v23   16-Jan-2014   
    kpf = v12   25-Aug-2015   KAIRA Plot Frame
    kpk = v14   09-Dec-2019   KAIRA Plot KUW data
    kpn = v26   10-Dec-2020   KAIRA Plot NPY
    kpr = v28   20-Dec-2019   KAIRA Plot RCU spectra
    kps = v32   20-Dec-2019   KAIRA Plot SST
    kpw = v20   16-Oct-2020   KAIRA Plot beamlet Waterfall
    kpx = v64   13-May-2021   KAIRA Plot Cross-correlation images
    kqd = v10   13-Jun-2016   KAIRA Quick DIsplay
    kra = v17   05-Sep-2017   KAIRA Rsync Alert
    krm = v15   25-Jan-2019   KAIRA ReMove surplus files
    krr =  - 
    krs = v12   05-Dec-2019   KAIRA Real-time Status / RUUTU Systeemi
    ksb = v13   17-Sep-2020   KAIRA Subband frequency-wavelength
    ksc =  - 
    ksi =  - 
    ksl = v32   11-Mar-2018   KAIRA Status Label generator
    ksr = v18   16-Mar-2022   KAIRA System Reboot
    kss = v57   16-Mar-2022   KAIRA System Status
    kst = v18
    ksv = v56   09-Dec-2019   KAIRA Software Versions
    ksw = v46   03-Mar-2017   KAIRA Software
    ktd = v11   02-Aug-2017   KAIRA Test Data
    ktt =  - 
    kug = v11
    kut = v11
    kuw = v27
    kwc = v10   22-Nov-2018   KAIRA Web Clear
    kwg = v21   19-Nov-2020   KAIRA Web Get
    kwm = v12   20-Aug-2021   KAIRA Web Mail
    kwn = v10   05-Dec-2018   KAIRA Web News
    kwp = v21   19-Nov-2020   KAIRA Web Put
    kws = v10   02-Aug-2017   KAIRA Web Services
    kwt = v12   11-Aug-2016   KAIRA Web Transfer

    Total of 82 KAIRA packages

Search made using the KAIRA_SW environment variable
Check completed at 2022-03-17 11:12

For more information on the software system, please refer to the KAIRA work listed in the UiT Munin archive (public) as well as the comprehensive document archive on the U.Oulu NOTIO system (internal).

See also:
  • KAIRA Data Sheet – technical details and parameters for the KAIRA system.
  • KAIRA Computing – real-time monitoring of the KAIRA computer infrastructure.

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