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Radar information

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In addition to operating as a passive receiver system, KAIRA is also capable of receiving signals from nearby scientific radars. This page describes the relevant parameters.

PLEASE NOTE that KAIRA is an independent facility. Having allocated time on KAIRA does not imply the reciprocal allocation on any of these other facilities. Likewise, having time allocated on a radar facility does not guarantee time on KAIRA.

EISCAT VHF radar parameters

Because the KAIRA system is often used in conjunction with the EISCAT VHF radar at Ramfjordmoen, near Tromsø, the following information may also be useful.

VHF transmitter direction 313.95 degrees
VHF transmitter frequencies 222.8 – 225.4 MHz

Depending on the exact radar experiment used, this will also affect which subbands are required with KAIRA.

  • KAIRA technical document: KAIRA-SGO-TEC-146
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MAARSY radar parameters

A second radar in the vicinity of KAIRA is MAARSY. Relevant parameters for this facility are as follows:

MAARSY transmission frequency 53.50 MHz
Required KAIRA RCU mode 3 (w/ 200 MHz clock)
Longitude 16.04 E
Latitude 69.30 N
Equivalent KAIRA subbands 273:275

MORRO radar parameters

Yet another radar in the vicinity of KAIRA is MORRO at Ramfjordmoen, Norway. As far as we know, it is no longer (never was?) operating. As a result, plans for KAIRA to monitor this radar have been dropped. The only parameters for this failed facility we could glean were as follows:

MORRO transmission frequency 56.00 MHz
Required KAIRA RCU mode 3 (w/ 200 MHz clock)
Equivalent KAIRA subbands 284:289

EISCAT 3D radar parameters

The EISCAT 3D radar is a replacement for the existing EISCAT mainland facilities. It will operate at VHF frequencies, which fall into the range of frequencies that can be detected by KAIRA.

EISCAT 3D will have its transmitter located at Skibotn, Norway, which is not far from the KAIRA site. The remote stations of EISCAT 3D will be located at Karesuvanto, Bergfors, etc..

It is not clear whether EISCAT 3D will be operational within the lifetime of the KAIRA facility, but if so, then details of the transmission frequency and beam patterns will be posted here.

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  • KAIRA Data Sheet – additional parameters on the KAIRA system, inluding nearby radar facility use.

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