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KAIRA Index and Links

A list of content both on the KAIRA web site area here, and also elsewhere. Use your browser page-search function to look for links and information.

KAIRA web pages in the main SGO KAIRA project area:
  • About – Information about the project
  • Acknowledgements – Credit for contributions to the project
  • Archive – Realtime monitor of the KAIRA data archive in Tromsø
  • Array – Information about the layout and position of the antennas
  • Aurora – All-sky camera and northern-lights over KAIRA
  • BST monitor – Realtime monitoring of Beamlet Statistics data
  • Computing – Realtime monitoring of KAIRA computers and storage
  • KAIRA Data Sheet – Technical details and parameters for the KAIRA system.
  • Data Policy – Rules regarding the use of KAIRA plots and data products
  • Home Page – Main page of the KAIRA project
  • Interferometric Riometry – Imaging D-Region radio absorption
  • Links – This page!
  • Monitor – Main page for KAIRA realtime monitoring
  • Old schedule – The old observing schedule for KAIRA
  • Opening – programme from the official opening of KAIRA (06-Jun-2013).
  • Operations – Summary page of realtime monitoring information
  • Outreach – Outreach from the construction phase (2010–2011)
  • Parameters – Up-to-date technical parameters of the KAIRA facility
  • Press – press-and-media images from the construction (2010-2014)
  • Data products – Description of the types of data available
  • Radar – Information about radars operating in the same region as KAIRA
  • Standard reference – Cite this paper when referring to KAIRA.
  • RF-container – Realtime monitoring information about the electronics cabin
  • Schedule – Current and past observing/experiment schedule information
  • Software – Information about the KAIRA software system at Tromsø
  • SSA – Space Situational Awareness
  • SST monitor – Realtime monitoring of Subband Statistics files
  • Technical – Header page for KAIRA technical information files
  • Tutorials – Placeholder for tutorials on the KAIRA system
  • XST files – Realtime monitoring of Cross-correlation Statistics
Archived KAIRA web pages (former material, but still available for reference): Other SGO/U.Oulu web pages: External web pages to other relevant information:

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