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Personal data and its sources

The purpose of processing your personal data is to maintain and develop the technology and contents of the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory (later referred to as SGO) web service, and to develop and target the functionalities of the web service.

Using the service creates log entries. These log entries are used for ensuring data security, developing the technical features of the service, and detecting, preventing and resolving failures.

Data recorded on the SGO website includes, for example, information submitted with different forms. The web service uses cookies that are necessary for the operation, as well as information stored by cookies of third-party services. The purpose of the cookies is to enable the web service to remember certain preferences for a certain period of time. Therefore, you do not have to to make the same selections when navigating from one page to another during the same session.

Third-party service cookies are stored on a visitor's terminal device, which then enable the collection of anonymous data of the visitor such as the browser, operating system or terminal used and information of use of the web service such as the site from which the visitor arrived at website, pages loaded and timestamp.

For accepting cookies the web service uses a cookie banner which can be found at the bottom of each page. The cookie banner contains information about the cookies used in the service. The strictly necessary cookies are only used to ensure the technical performance of the website and they are not used for other purposes. These cookies do not require the user's consent. When visiting the web service, the user may consent to the use of non-essential cookies in the cookie banner.

Cookies are used only with the consent of the user of the web service. The user can change cookie consent at the cookie banner at any time. After giving your consent for using of the cookies, the cookie banner can be located at the leftside of the page behind a button, where it can be re-opened by clicking on the cookie banner button.

Google Analytics is used in the development and quality control of the web service to measure the usage data of the online service and to analyze the data collected. Visitor tracking does not identify individuals. A visitor's IP address can be used to determine for which organization that IP address is registered and what the visitor's geographic location is. For more information on Google Analytics. You can prevent Google Analytics from collecting data by downloading an additional feature to your web browser from Preventing the installation of cookies may affect the functionalities of the website and the use of services provided by the website. By using the website, you accept the processing of your personal data.

In addition, the SGO’s website contains third-party community plug-ins. The third-party community plug-ins are visible on the SGO's website, but their contents are downloaded directly from the service providers’ own servers.

All services offered by third parties and applications supplied by third parties that are available on the SGO's website are subject to the terms of use and other regulations of the third party in question.

In Finland, no separate pop-up window is required to notify users of the use of cookies or to consent to their use. However, information about the cookie policy must be available to the users on the website.

Personal data to be processed

For the purposes defined in this Data Privacy Notice, the SGO’s website collects the following necessary data on users: Data collected and derived from service use:

  • SGO collects data on website users through e.g. the use of cookies. A cookie is a small text file sent to the user's browser, and it usually contains an anonymous identification number. Cookies do not damage the terminal device.
  • Statistics are compiled on the use of the website, including the number of users, country of use, time of use, the used browser, and the contents that the visitors have examined. An individual user is not identifiable on the basis of this data.

Information you submit to the SGO:

  • The website requests your name and your email address and other possible information in contact forms and feedback opportunities.

Recipients or categories of recipients of personal data

We transfer personal data only within the SGO's organisation and only to the extent necessary for the technical maintenance and development of the website and for the maintenance, analysing, development and targeting of content-related communications and marketing.

SGO will disclose personal data to third parties only in so far as the third parties need access to the processed personal data to provide the SGO with services for the purposes specified in this Data Privacy Notice. This refers to, for example, the Google Analytics analysis tools supplied by Google.

Data storage time

Data is stored for the time needed for these purposes and will not be used for any other purpose.

Data transfers

Some third-party services may be located in countries outside the European Economic Area.

Data subject rights

You have the following rights as a data subject:

  • Right to access your data
  • Right to have inaccurate data corrected (make sure to keep your contact information up to date)
  • In certain situations, the right to have data erased ("right to be forgotten")
  • In certain situations, the right to restriction of processing
  • In certain situations, the right to object to processing
  • In certain situations, the right to have data transferred from one system to another if the processing is based on consent or agreement and is performed automatically.

Please note that the applicability and scope of your above-mentioned rights will be specified on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, depending on e.g. the grounds for processing the data, and that you do not have the above-mentioned rights in all cases.

Last modified: 31 March 2022, 07:34:21.

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