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Personal data and its sources

We collect your personal data and process it through our automated system. The types of personal data include user location, application usage behavior and device id generated by application. Otherwise, the user remains anonymous.

Legal basis and purpose of collecting personal data

In order that we can determine the probability of seeing Aurora Borealis in user’s location, we need to know where the user is located. Personal data can also be used to application development, marketing, maintenance, and protection of services. The users can report the application malfunction in their location, and we can increase application development in that location. We see where the app is being used and we can use this information in marketing. If we suspect misuse of the application, we may restrict user rights to use the application or some of its features. We use the data for scientific purposes and research.

Sharing of personal data

We may share personal data for scientific purposes.

Link to AuroraSpotter application

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