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SIC Chemistry

Positive Ions

Atomic and molecular O+, O2+, O4+, N+, N2+, NO+
NO+ clusters NO+(N2), NO+(CO2), NO+(H2O), NO+(H2O)2, NO+(H2O)3, NO+(H2O)(N2), NO+(H2O)(CO2), NO+(H2O)2(N2), NO+(H2O)2(CO2)
H+ and H3O+ clusters H3O+(OH), H+(H2O), H+(H2O)2, H+(H2O)3, H+(H2O)4, H+(H2O)5, H+(H2O)6, H+(H2O)7, H+(H2O)8, H+(H2O)2(CO2), H+(H2O)2N2, H+(H2O)CO2, H+(H2O)N2, H3O+(OH)H2O, H3O+(OH)CO2
O2+ clusters O2+(H2O), O2+N2, O2+CO2, O2+(H2O)N2, O2+(H2O)CO2, O2+(H2O)2

Negative Ions

Atomic and molecular O-, O2-, O3-, O4-, OH-, CO3-, CO4-, NO2-, NO3-, NO3-(*), HCO3-, Cl-, ClO-
Clusters O2-(H2O), OH-(H2O), O3-(H2O), NO3-(H2O), CO3-(H2O), Cl-(H2O), NO2-(H20), NO3-(H20)2, NO3-(HNO3), NO3-(HNO3)2, O-(H2O), O2-(H2O)2, Cl-(CO2), Cl-(HCl), NO3-(HCl), CO3-(H2O)2
Neutrals N2, O2, O, Ar, He, NO, O2(1Dg), H2O, N, H, CO2, O3, OH, NO2, HO2, NO3, HNO2, CO3, H2, HCl, HNO3, Cl, ClO, CH4, CH3, O(1D), N2O, N(2D), H2O2, CO, CH2O, N2O5

The major neutral species are kept fixed with concentrations given by a combination of sources, such as the MSISE-90 model (Hedin, J. Geophys. Res., vol. 96, pp. 1159-1172, 1991) and the work by Shimazaki (Minor Constituents in the Middle Atmosphere, Developments in Earth and Planetary Physics, no. 6, D. Reidel Publishing Co., Dordrecht, Holland, 1984). Selected minor species are, however, treated as variables in the modelling.

For the ionospheric D region, a typical set of modelled neutrals is: O, NO, N, H, O3, OH, NO2, HO2, NO3

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