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Data policy


Any publication or presentation which makes non-trivial use of KAIRA data must also include the following acknowledgement:

KAIRA was funded by the University of Oulu and the FP7 European Regional Development Fund and is operated by Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory with assistance from the University of Tromsø.

Applying for time or data

With a few restrictions, it is possible to apply for time on the KAIRA facility or request KAIRA data from other programmes. Any scientists wishing to do so should contact the KAIRA PI. Currently all projects making non-trivial use of KAIRA data are required to have an SGO-affiliated person as co-author on published papers unless agreed otherwise. Examples of SGO-affiliated persons are Markku Lehtinen, Antti Kero, Derek McKay, Tero Raita, et al., but typically it would be appropriate to include whoever carried out the data-reduction.


KAIRA staff are able to provide limited support for observations. Please arrange this with plenty of time to ensure that the appropriate arrangements can be made. Please note that KAIRA staff are unable to provide support for the EISCAT facilities.

Data archive

Data is typically only kept on the system for up-to-six moths. Scientists are responsible for their own data recovery and archiving. For details on this, or about additional storage options, please contact the KAIRA PI before commencing observations.

In addition a long-term archive is maintained of all core KAIRA data products. Publications making use of such archived material may optionally include this credit in the acknowledgements: "KAIRA data curation is provided by D. McKay."

Publication Archive

Many universities and university instruments (incl. KAIRA) now operate an open-publication policy. Any publication made using KAIRA data must be provided (either in final, or pre-proof) format for storage on the server.

Optical / Riometric Keograms

Optical/riometric keograms are available, which are summary plots of the interferometric riometry which is carried out routinely. For more information, contact Derek McKay (

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