Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory


Payment of Registration Fee: 
 15th August 2012
(Payment Form)


The registration is now closed.


We need to know when and how you will arrive to and depart from Sodankylä so that we can assist your travels. We will try to shuttle as many of you as possible from Rovaniemi Airport to Sodankylä. Also, some of the hotels do not have overnight reception, thus we will need to make sure you can get a key if you arrive late!

When booking flight or rail tickets, buy tickets to Rovaniemi (RVN)! It is very difficult to travel by public transport from other airports to Sodankylä, and we will not be able to help you.

Payment of the Registration Fee

Sorry that this has taken forever. We have now confirmation of a budget for the school, and thus are able to define a registration fee. A big thank you goes to the EISCAT Scientific Association for sponsoring the school.

Please use the Payment Form to pay the registration fee of EUR 200 using your or your institute's credit card. Payment forms must have reached us by the deadline (see above)!

If you prefer to pay by wire transfer, please send an e-mail to rs2012 at and request bank details. Please note that we must receiver your payment in our bank account latest on 20th August 2012. Please check with your bank how long the transfer will take and make sure you do the wire transfer on time to meet this deadline. Bring a receipt of your wire transfer to the meeting!

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