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The proceedings of the Long-Term Trends Workshop will be published in a special issue of Annales Geophysicae. On this page we will report on the status of the papers submitted to the special issue.

Authors Title Status
Alfonsi et al. Geomagnetic and ionospheric data analysis over Antarctica: a contribution to the long-term trends investigation Received: 2006-12-15
Barlyaeva and Ponyavin 11-year cycle in climate variations: results of EMD and cross wavelet analysis Received: 2007-01-08
Beig Global change induced trends in ion composition of troposphere to lower thermosphere Received: 2007-02-06
Bremer Long-term trends in the ionospheric E and F1 regions Received: 2006-12-01
Danilov Long-term trends in the relation between daytime and nighttime values of foF2 Received: 2006-12-12
Elias and Silbergleit Long-term variation of strong geomagnetic storms and its effect on ionospheric and telluric currents Received: 2006-12-18
Georgieva and Kirov The long-term changes in solar meridional circulation as the cause for the long-term changes in the correlation between solar and geomagnetic activity Received: 2007-01-18
Gudadze et al. Different long-term trends of the oxygen red 630.0 nm line nightglow intensity as the result of lowering the ionosphere F2 layer Received: 2007-01-17
Harris et al. Ozone trends at northern mid- and high latitudes Received: 2007-02-02
Jacobi et al. Trends in MLT region winds and planetary waves, Collm (52°N, 15°E) Received: 2006-10-20
Kanukhina et al. Climatic variability of the mean flow and stationary planetary waves in the NCEP/NCAR reanalysis data Received: 2006-12-18
Kirkwood et al. Noctilucent clouds observed from the UK and Denmark - trends and variations over 43 years Received: 2007-02-06
Lastovicka et al. Emerging pattern of global change in the upper atmosphere and ionosphere Received: 2006-12-15
Ortiz de Adler and Elias Latitudinal variation of foF2 hysteresis of solar cycles 20, 21 and 22 Received: 2006-12-15
Peters et al. Longitude-dependent decadal ozone changes and ozone trends in boreal winter months during 1960-2000 Received: 2006-12-18
Remsberg On the observed changes in upper stratospheric and mesospheric temperatures from UARS HALOE Received: 2006-12-11
Shibata and Deushi Long-term variations and trends in the simulation of the middle atmosphere 1980-2004 by the chemistry-climate model of Meteorological Research Institute Received: 2007-01-08
Shirokhkov et al. Peculiarities of long-term trends of near-surface temperature in Antarctica and their possible connections with outer belt electron precipitation Received: 2006-11-28
Zossi de Artigas et al. Long-term changes of the H range at low and mid-latitudes Received: 2006-12-18