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Application deadline: until fullApply here! (radar school is full now, but some participants haven't confirmed funding yet, so if you register now, you'll be on the waiting list)


Cost of Accommodation and Meals

While there isn't a registration fee, you will need to pay for your stay at the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station.

NOTE: Prices below cover six nights and meals/coffee breaks from Sunday dinner to Saturday breakfast inclusive (breakfast, coffee, lunch, coffee, dinner). If you arrive before lunch on Monday and leave after dinner on Friday, you'll save 2 nights accommodation and about 30 EUR on meals. If you want to benefit from the subsidised price for undergraduate, please bring proof of enrolment at a university in Finland.

Sunday dinner to Saturday breakfast
Regular Price Undergraduate at
Finnish University
Room 6 nights Meals 6 nights Meals
single 450 EUR 270 EUR n/a n/a
bed in double 294 EUR 270 EUR 141 EUR 150 EUR
bed in 3-pers room, shared bathroom 118 EUR 270 EUR 118 EUR 150 EUR
Monday lunch to Friday dinner 4 nights Meals 4 nights Meals
single 300 EUR 240 EUR n/a n/a
bed in double 196 EUR 240 EUR 98 EUR 140 EUR
bed in 3-pers room, shared bathroom 81 EUR 240 EUR 81 EUR 140 EUR

Most double rooms have en-suite bathrooms. A few double rooms have shared bathrooms and are approx 60 EUR cheaper (for 6 days). "Shared bathroom" means that there are shared bathrooms/showers for several rooms, "single" refers to double-rooms with single occupancy (subject to availability, indicate special reason on registration form).


What do you get?

  • No registration fee,
  • Many comprehensive lectures given by experts in the field with years of experience as instructors of radar schools,
  • Networking with your peers and the instructors,
  • A real radar experiment for each group, where you get to dicide how to run one of the EISCAT radars,
  • Supervised work in small groups,
  • Supervised analysis of your group's radar data and use of other space weather data to complete the picture,
  • Presentation of the results by your group for all participants of the school,


  • Accommodation in a shared (2-4 person) room Sunday to Saturday (6 nights),
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) from dinner on Sunday to lunch on Saturday,
  • Coffee breaks,
  • Excursion on Wednesday afternoon to the Skibotn EISCAT_3D site and to the KAIRA facility.



Financial Support for Participation

Unfortunately we do not provide individual financial support. We do not have any funding for that. All the funding we have can be used only for “common goods”, which apply to all students. For example, we pay for the travel cost of the teachers and rent lecture rooms, but we cannot cover expenses for individual students. We know that this is tricky and makes it very hard for some to attend the school, but we just don’t have such funding.

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