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1st Workshop of the Network for groundbased optical auroral research in the Arctic region

Nordic Council of Ministers This event is sponsored by the Nordic Council of Ministers


The 1st Workshop of the Network for groundbased optical auroral research in the Arctic region (NordAuropt) was held at SGO February 19-23, 2007

NordAuropt 2007 Group photo

The network for groundbased optical auroral research in the arctic region, NordAuropt, is a forum for collaboration between the Nordic Arctic partners of the Auropt network. NordAuropt is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and supports networking activities within optical auroral observations and research. The kickoff meeting of the network was held during the 33rd annual European meeting on atmospheric studies by optical methods. The first workshop of the Network was held at SGO in February 2007.


The meeting will start on Monday afternoon and end on Friday before lunchtime.

See also the Programme link

Scientific topics

  1. Scientific work on specific studies
    1. Drifting F-region ionisation patches in the polar cap
    2. Reimei-EISCAT-ALIS optical conjunction studies
    3. Cluster conjunctions: Lovozero and Barentsburg, Feb 17, 2002, Svalbard Nov 28, 2006
    4. Auroral photography from STS-116 (Space Shuttle and International Space Station) and optical measurements from the ground, December 13-18 2006
    5. Electric fields and currents associated with dayside auroral arcs (auroral and EISCAT observations on Svalbard)
    6. Electron spectra and modelling of NOx production
  2. Long term view on strategies for optical auroral studies-first stage of a roadmap
    • Discussion on scientific questions to be addressed in the field of optical auroral studies
    • Plan what needs to be done to answer these questions
  3. Planning of common activites for the IPY period (2007-2009)
    1. Sharing of campaign plans
    2. Planning of common campaigns
    3. Data exchange - Do we have enough access to data? Intercalibration. What more needs to be done?
    4. Planning of outreach activites of the network
  4. Further education of ourselves
    1. Inform ourselves about the available instrumentation for auroral measurements in our region, above all optical instrumentation. Short presentations from the groups.
    2. One or two tutorials of common interest, including review of scientific problems that remain to be solved. Suggestions:
      • Mechanisms for auroral emissions
      • How we can use groundbased optical measurements to learn about magnetospheric physics

Travel to Sodankyl

We expect that most participants will travel by car to SGO. SGO is easily reached from northern Scandinavia. See our location information page, which also includes information for those travelling by air or train and bus.


Scientists involved in groundbased optical auroral research at institutes within the Nordic Arctic region are eligible for participation. We will especially encourage participation of young scientists and students.

The final deadline for registration and changes was January 26, 2007.

Welcome to Sodankyl!

Local organising committee:

Esa Turunen, Nina Riipi, Carl-Fredrik Enell, Anna-Liisa Piippo, Tarja Mäkihalvari
Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory
Tähteläntie 62
FIN-99600 Sodankylä, FINLAND
Ingrid Sandahl
Institutet för rymdfysik
Box 812
SE-98128 Kiruna, SWEDEN

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