Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory

1st Finnish EISCAT_3D User Meeting
26th March 2019
Oulu, Finland

The EISCAT Scientific Association has started the construction of the next-generation EISCAT radar, "EISCAT_3D: A European Three-Dimensional Imaging Radar for Atmospheric and Geospace Research." This new phased-array radar is expected to be completed by 2021, about 40 years after the original dish-based radars were taken into use in Tromsø, Kiruna and Sodankylä.

The 1st Finnish EISCAT_3D User Meeting aims to inform the broad space physics, atmospheric and radio science community on the current status and the future plans concerning the EISCAT_3D radar facility. The EISCAT_3D radar facility will have much wider applications than the current incoherent scatter radars and therefore the purpose of the meeting is also to activate the EISCAT_3D consortium members and future national EISCAT_3D users and encourage them to get involved already now.

Note, that the 19th International EISCAT Symposium will take place jointly with the 46th Annual European Meeting on Atmospheric Studies by Optical Methods in Oulu, 19-23 August 2019. In the preceding week, also the International EISCAT Radar School will take place at Pikku-Syöte, 12-17 August 2019.


Tellus Stage at Linnanmaa Campus. Map of campus: pdf.

Draft Agenda

09:30-10:00Morning Coffee
10:00-10:05Welcome, Anita Aikio and Esa Turunen
10:05-10:25EISCAT_3D, description and status, Craig Heinselman (EISCAT HQ, Kiruna)
10:25-10:45EISCAT_3D Finland status and perspectives, Esa Turunen (SGO)
10:45-11:05FMI measurements and space weather, Kirsti Kauristie (FMI)
11:05-11:25Ground-based operations and EISCAT_3D, Thomas Ulich (SGO)
11:25-11:45EISCAT_3D and ionospheric research, Anita Aikio (UOulu)
11:45-12:00Questions and discussion
13:00-13:20CoE in Sustainable Space, Emilia Kilpua (UHelsinki)
13:20-13:40Energetic particles, Antti Kero (SGO)
13:40-14:00Atmospheric research, Jorge Chau (IAP-Kühlungsborn)
14:00-14:20Meteors, Johan Kero (IRF-Kiruna)
14:20-14:35Questions and discussion
14:35-15:00Afternoon Coffee
15:00-15:20Space debris and novel developments, Juha Vierinen (UiT, Tromsø)
15:20-15:40Suomi100 cubesat for studies of the geospace environment, Esa Kallio (AaltoU)
15:40-16:00Mathematical methods, Lassi Roininen (LUT)
16:00-16:20Drones for support of EISCAT_3D, Eija Tanskanen (Aalto U)
16:20-17:00Discussion of EISCAT_3D-related future actions


For more information, please contact Prof Anita Aikio (anita dot aikio at oulu dot fi).

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