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SGO Meteor Camera Details

The SGO meteor camera consists 1/3" WATEC VAT-902H3 camera with 2.8mm lens.

The SGO meteor camera was established in 2013. During first seasons camera was using Linux based capture software by Panu Laitinen. First autumns the camera was pointing to south. Since January 2015 the SGO meteor camera has been using the software of Swedish Allsky Meteor Network by Eric Stempel. The camera is pointing to zenith area to detect events visible in SGO radar measurements (ionosonde and meteor radar). All detected events are stored and available by request. The get access to data, use our Contact us page and select "Optical Measurements". The meteor camera shares the optical dome of the SGO iCCD camera. During the daytimes the reflection of the iCCD camera from the optical dome is visible in the image. Sometime strong aurora burst in zenith area can trigger event.

The camera was relocated to the UCL dome in September 2021 after iCCD camera retired. The camera is FOV pointing now south from the zenith as the UCL FPI and ASC instruments fills the northside of the dome. The orientation is uncalibrated at the moment

Field of View (FOV)

The horizontal FOV is avout 81°, vertical FOV is about 65° and diagonal FOV is aout 93°. The FOV calcalations is made by Gyre lens calculator softare.

Field of view from Sep 2021 onwards

Field of view until May 2021

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