Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory

Ionosonde Description

Ionosonde Instrument Description


Alpha-Wolf (in operation since 16. Nov. 2005)
Normal vertical sounding program:
Usually 6 ionograms per hour (higher resolution possible)
RWD program:
Same as normal program.
Time used in scaled data:
EET (30 deg E, UT + 2 h).
Frequency range:
0.5 - 16 MHz
Sweep time:
about 30 seconds
Peak power:
150 W nominal (actually much less is used)
Gain control:
Fixed gain. Direct Tx rejection is about 120 dB.
Transmitter: Rhombics in 64 m mast.
Receiver: 8 active orthogonal loop antennas ("phased array").
O-mode ionogram is currently published on web in real-time. Real-time ionograms have 90dB dynamic range. Virtual range up to 3000km.
Modified IS-14 sounder (in operation until 16. Nov 2005)

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