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VLF Measurement Campaign 2011

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2011-03-24: Preparing the site
Road to Kannuslehto cleaned in co-operation with Metsähallitus. Pertsa prepared tracks around the antenna locations by snow scooter. Today GPS measurements for the the antenna directions were done by Tero and Pasi.

2011-03-25: Antennas up, test signals ok
Team of 10 men built up masts for the SGO's 10m times 10m cable antennas.

2011-03-28: Measurement starts
Monday noon (1145UT) recording of the broad band VLF-signals were started by Tero and Timo. Tero stayed at the station over night. Some weak auroras in north. Really clear sky, night was cold between -25 and -30 Celsius. Daytime temperatures have been -5 to 0 Celsius degree.

2011-03-29: Quiet...
Poor campaing so far in the VLF events. Most of events have been man made. Most of fun has given by fox and log lorries, which passes the antennaes few times per day. Tauno and Jyrki came to station.

2011-03-30: Power line event and man-made signals
One short and strong power line harmonic event appeared this morning. Similar was seen in 2007 campaign. Geomagnetic conditions were quiet. In afternoon campaign site got taste of the geophysical prospecting, which has increased in Sodankyla area. Kevitsa mine is under reconstruction, but it will not be only on. Today helicopter with EM-sounding loop did survey around the campaign site.

2011-04-02-03: Carl-Fredrik on site
Strong wind, snow and sleet during the night, but active conditions. Aurora diffused by the clouds was visible in the all-sky images. The morning chorus was magnificent.

2011-04-06: Campaign Online
Now you can monitor our VLF campaign online. After quiet start, we got HSE in the solar wind and VLF band came more interesting. Also some whistlers observed.

2011-04-18: Campaign End
Campaing finished today at 0600UT. Quicklook spectrograms calculated during the campaing. Quicklook spectrograms will be later available here. Aerials still in the place. They will be removed later when the snow is gone.

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