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The overview timetable is now available for download).

Monday, 30st August 2010
0830-0840Welcome to the Radar School (Th Ulich; pdf)
0840-0900Brief History of Radar (Th Ulich; pdf)
0900-1000EISCAT Scientific Association (E Turunen; pdf, 97MB)
1000-1030Coffee break
1030-1200Ionosphere and Radar Measurements (A Aikio; pdf)
1200-1330Lunch break
1330-1500Outline of the Incoherent Scatter Method (T Nygrén; pdf)
1500-1530Coffee break
1530-1700Outline of the Incoherent Scatter Method (T Nygrén; pdf)
1740-1800Transport to Municipality Hall
1800-2000Reception of the Municipality of Sodankylä
2015-2030Transport to observatory guest rooms

Tuesday, 31st August 2010
0830-1000Outline of the Incoherent Scatter Method (T Nygrén; pdf)
1000-1030Coffee break
1030-1200 Simplified Experiment Design Methods (M Lehtinen; pdf)
Additional reading:
M. S. Lehtinen, Statistical Theory of Incoherent Scatter Radar Measurements, EISCAT Technical Note 86/45, 1986 (pdf)
1200-1400Lunch break
1400-1530Current EISCAT Radars (A Westman; pdf)
1500-1530Coffee break
1600-1700Getting EISCAT Data: Madrigal (Th Ulich; pdf)
1700-1900Break, sauna
1900-2300Joint Dinner at the observatory, sauna

Wednesday, 1st September 2010
0830-0915EISCAT Space Debris Measurements (J Markkanen; link)
0915-1000Lag Profile Inversion and its Application (I Virtanen; pdf)
1000-1030Coffee break
1030-1200Using EROS and the Experiment Simulator (J Markkanen; link)
1200-1330Lunch break
1330-1415Radar Demonstration Using Sound Waves (A Kero and I Virtanen; pdf)
1415-1500Common Programme Experiments, Experiment Modules (I Häggström; pdf)
1500-1530Coffee break
1530-1700 Introduction to GUISDAP (I Häggström; pdf)
See also: GUISDAP homepage; download.
2000-2300 Running an Experiment on the EISCAT Svalbard Radar (I Häggström)
See also: Real-Time Graph.
2000-2300 Radar Walk (Th Ulich; pdf)

Thursday, 2nd September 2010
0830-1000 Analysis of the ESR Experiment (I Häggström)
Data of ESR exp (here) or as tar-balls (Part 1, Part 2)
1000-1030Coffee break
1030-1200Interpreting EISCAT Data (I McCrea; pdf, 165MB)
1200-1330Lunch break
1330-1415Introduction to Heating (A Kero; pdf)
1415-1500EISCAT Heating Facility (M Rietveld; pdf)
1500-1530Coffee break
1530-1630Overview of Plasma Waves Excited by Active Experiments (P Bernhardt)
1630-1700HF Calibration Sphere Concept and Design Status (P Bernhardt; pdf)

Friday, 3rd September 2010
0900-1030The EISCAT_3D Project (I McCrea; pdf, 37MB)
1030-1100Coffee break
1100-1200Phased Array Radars (A Strømme; pdf, 97MB)
1200-1330Lunch break
1330-1500LOFAR Technology and EISCAT (D McKay-Bukowski; pdf)
1500-1530Coffee break
1530-1700US Radars (A Strømme; pdf, 208MB)

Saturday, 4th September 2010
0830-0900EISCAT and satellite measurements of ionospheric electrodynamics (A Aikio)
0900-0930MAARSY - The Middle Atmosphere ALOMAR Radar System on Andøya (N Engler; pdf, 29MB)
0930-1000Coffee break
1000-1130Discussion, Questions, Conclusions

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