SPECIAL Space Processes and Electrical Changes
Influencing Atmospheric Layers

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  • ESF: European Science Foundation
  • ESF: The Mission of SPECIAL
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  • SPECIAL: Bibliography - references to important works related to SPECIAL.

  • SPECIAL: Workshop 2003, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, February 2003: Programme.
  • SPECIAL: Workshop 2002, Cambridge, U.K., January 2002: Programme and Abstracts.
  • SPECIAL: Workshop 2000, Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany, November 2000: Programme and Abstracts.

    SPECIAL continues: Despite the fact that the funding through the ESF has ended, the SPECIAL Network, which was very successful, will continue in the future. All participants of SPECIAL wish to thank the ESF for the great support received in the past years and for making SPECIAL possible in first place. Thank you!

    E-STAR: European Solar Terrestrial and Atmospheric Research Programme

    The ESF Network SPECIAL will propose a larger EUROCORES programme towards a comprehensive, physics-based understanding of space weather and solar forcing on the climate system. This interdisciplinary project includes the scientific expertise from the SPECIAL, space physics, climate modeling, and the information technology community. Scientists who are interested in the programme and may plan to submit proposals for personnel, experiments, data analysis, theoretical modeling, and/or infrastructure in the E-STAR framework programme are invited to participate. For more information contact Martin Füllekrug, Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

    Reports and Contributions
  • Lastovicka, J., Report on the visit of the high-altitude Cosmostation near Almaty, Kazachstan, received 2002-09-11.
  • Access Statistics of the SPECIAL WWW Service are available now, received 2000-10-23.
  • Rycroft, M. J., Summary of activities of the ESF SPECIAL Scientific Network, received 2000-10-11.
  • Lastovicka, J., Report on Session C2.1 "Ozone Variations of Solar Origin" held at the 33rd Scientific Assembly of COSPAR 2000, received 2000-07-31.
  • SWEN Newsletter, Report on Session ST19 "Space Weather" held at the XXV General Assembly of the European Geophysical Society 2000, received 2000-05-15.
  • Füllekrug, M., Status update, received 2000-05-03.
  • Makarova L.N. and A.V. Shirochkov, A new approach to the global electric circuit conception, received 2000-02-11, PDF file.

    Related Topics

  • Coupling of Atmospheric Layers, a European Commission Research Training Network (7 Research Positions Open!).
  • COST-271 Action on "Effects of the Upper Atmosphere on Terrestrial and Earth-Space Communications."
  • ESA Space Weather Programme, WDC, RAL, UK.
  • Sodankylä Ion Chemistry (SIC) Model: Modelling the chemistry of the lower ionosphere.
  • Chemical Aeronomy in the Mesosphere and Ozone in the Stratosphere (CHAMOS)

    WWW Resources
  • The Space Environment Information System (SPENVIS), Belgium.
  • Survey of ELF and VLF Experiments in the Magnetosphere (SEVEM), Belgium.
  • Space Data Access System (SADS), CNES, France.
  • NRL Plasma Formulary, downloadable as PostScript, PDF, or TeX.

  • Please visit also the WWW pages of the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory, Sodankylä, Finland, which kindly hosts the SPECIAL pages as well as the SPECIAL mailing list.

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