From the Space Weather Euro News (SWEN), Vol.4 Issue 10. Received: 2000-05-15

1. Report on the Space Weather Session held at the XXV
   General Assembly of the European Geophysical Society  
From:  Volker Bothmer Email:

A space weather session was held at this year's EGS 
Conference in Nice which had about 5000 attendees. The 
session was organized by Mike  Hapgood, Volker 
Bothmer, Norma Crosby and Jan Lastovicka.

Twenty six oral and thirteen poster presentations reflect 
the great resonance of the scientific community to the 
space weather topic. The full day (8:30 am to 8:00 pm) 
session held on Tuesday was almost continously attended 
by about hundred scientists from all over the world, 
mostly Europeans and Americans.

The following scientific topics were presented in the 
session (not in order of priority !):

- Solar Aspects (the sun as prime source of space 

P. Brekke: Space weather Effects - Towards Solar 
Maximum with SOHO (solicited paper)
V. Bothmer et al.: Space weather effects of halo CMEs
S. Koutchmy et al.: Is a giant coronal cavity initiating a 
CME ? (Poster)

- Radiation Hazards:

L. Dorman and L. Pustil'nik: On the probability of 
catastrophic radiation hazard in space and on the Earth 
from flare energetic particles
L. Dorman: Neutron monitor on-line one-minute data 
using for forecasting of great radiation hazard in space 
S. Bourdarie et al.: Relativistic electron enhancement 
analysis with the Salammbo code. Comparsion with in 
flight measurements
J.Jr. Klimes et al.: Connection of solar flare events in 
August 19 and September 13, 1999, interplanetary space 
and earth magnetic field. (Poster)

- Interplanetary Aspects and Geomagnetic Activity:

G. Zimbardo et al.: Predictions for the propagation of 
energetic particles from the Sun to the Earth:  Influence 
of the magnetic turbulence
P. Ballatore et al.: Relationship between the behaviour of 
the interplanetary magnetic field and geomagnetic 
activity seen by SuperDarn
P. Francia et a.: Geomagnetic sudden impulses at low 
B. Tsurutani et al.: Interplanetary shock triggering of 
auroral substorm activity: a mechanism
N. Pissarenko et al.: Interball tail probe energetic 
particles distribution and space weather problem
D. Heynderickx: Space weather effects on the Earth's 
radiation belts (Solicited Paper) [cancelled]
M. Foerster: Space weather (geomagnetic storm) effects 
on the topside ionosphere (Solicited Paper)
T. Ulich et al.: Monitoring of space weather effects by 
riometers in Northern Fenno-Scandia
V.M. Silbergleit: The most geomagnetically disturbed 
days: a study (Poster)
V.M. Silbergleit and P.A. Larocca: The magnetic storms 
and the solar variability: a study (Poster)
H. Nevanlinna et al.: Geomagnetic and auroral signatures 
of sun-earth connections (Poster)

- Earth's Atmosphere:

B. Fejer et al.: Storm-time coupling of thermospheric 
neutral winds and plasma drifts
A.C. Nicholas et al.: Assessment of thermospheric and 
ionospheric response to solar and geomagnetic forcing
D. Rees: A Review of the Effects of Geomagnetic Storms 
on the High and Midlatitude Thermosphere and 
Ionosphere (Solicited Paper) [cancelled]
E. Belova et al.: The effect of magnetospheric substorm 
on near-ground atmospheric current
S.V. Veterenenko: Variations of solar radiation input in 
the lower atmosphere associated with helio/geophysical 
phenomena: effects of the QBO phases (Poster) 
S.V. Veterenenko: Effects of the galactic cosmic ray 
variations on the zonal pressure in the lower atmosphere 

- Space Weather Hazards and Practical Needs:

R. Pirjola: Effects of space weather on ground-based 
systems (Solicited Paper)
G. Reitz: Biological radiation effects of space radiation 
(Solicited Paper)
A. Pulkkinen et al.: Study of space weather effects on the 
Finnish high-voltage power system
A.T.Y. Lui and C.-I. Meng: Transition of research result 
to operational environment - judging the practical need of 
speace weather products
C.-I. Meng: Transition of research result to operational 
environment - a practical necessity for space weather 
R. Pirjola et al.: Application of the complex image 
method to calculating geomagnetically induced currents 
in a technological system (Poster)
A. Pulkkinen et al.: Study of space weather effects on the 
Finnish natural gas pipeline (Poster)
P. Stauning and P. Davidsen: Observations of radiation-
induced anomalies in the memory circuits of the Orsted 
satellite (Poster)

- Space Weather Data Processing and Projects:

A. Wehrenpfennig et al.: A Dynamically Configurable 
System for Operational Processing of Space Weather 
N. Crosby and M. Rycroft: ESF network on space 
weather and the Earth's weather
N. Jakowski et al.: TEC Monitoring by GPS - a Possible 
Contribution to Space Weather Monitoring (Poster)

- Prediction Capabilities:

I. Finch et al.: Derivation and application to space 
weather prediction
N. Francis et al.: Time series forecasting using neural 
networks and the characterisation of nonlinearity within 
geophysical data
C.R. Clauer et al.: Development of an integrated 
Teraflop-class predictive space weather model
L. Dorman et al.: Using of cosmic ray Forbush decreases 
as indicators of space dangerous phenomena and the 
problem of their forecast (Poster)

Complete author lists and abstracts are available on CD-
ROM from the EGS office.

Due to the great resonance of the authors and the high 
quality standard of the contributions it has been decided 
by the conveners to publish the contributions in a special 
volume of "Physics and Chemistry of the Earth". Finally, 
based on the success of this year's meeting, the Space 
Weather Session will be continued at the next EGS 
Conference in 2001, which will take place again in Nice. 
Goals, amongst others, for the upcoming meeting are to 
strengthen the links to the ESA space weather activities 
(see and the US 
Space Weather Community, to enhance the number of 
contributions from the fields of solar/heliospheric and 
magnetospheric space plasma research and to support 
ongoing and planned educational and public outreach 

Volker Bothmer
University of Kiel
Solar Physics Secretary EGS
ESA Space Weather Euro News and Space Weather 
Working Team Member