Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory

2nd VERSIM Workshop 2006
26th - 30th September 2006
at Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory (SGO)

ELF/VLF Radio Phenomena: generation, propagation and consequences in observations, theory and modelling

A workshop sponsored by Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory and supported by IAGA and URSI.

Scientific focus of the 2nd VERSIM Workshop

Following on from the VERSIM Working Group meeting at Toulouse, we have identified the following subject areas as probable sessions for the 2006 Workshop.

Triggered Emissions and Nonlinear wave phenomena
VLF waves and the radiation belts (acceleration and loss)
ELF/VLF as an geophysics remote sensing tool (upper atmosphere, magnetosphere)
Effects of ELF/VLF radiation on the atmosphere (lightning/sprites, etc)
Instrumentation (as a poster session)

These represent many of the core-scientific areas of the VERSIM Working group:

Plasma structures and boundaries - morphology and dynamics, Wave-particle and wave-wave interactions, Wave-induced particle precipitation, Wave propagation in magnetosphere and ionosphere, Sprites and the effects of lightning on the ionosphere.


Abstracts of around 200 words should be sent to Jyrki Manninen at SGO before Sunday, 11th June 2006. These will be considered for oral (preferred) or poster (if necessary) presentation, by the Scientific Committee.

The best paper presented by the young scientist in the 2nd VERSIM Workshop has chance to get the new IAGA award to young scientists. It will consist of support to participate in the next IAGA General Assembly: a low-cost air ticket, waiving of the registration fee, and hotel and subsistence costs for one day. The Programme Committee of the 2nd VERSIM Workshop will propose that person to IAGA Executive Committee, who makes the final decision.

Welcome to Sodankylä!

Local Organising Committee

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