PLASMON (EU FP7 program)

ESPAS (EU FP7 program)


SVEKALAPKO Seismic Tomography project was my first scientific project where I was involved. Aim of the project was to study deep structure of Baltic Shield by tomography method using seismis waves from the earthquakes around the world. Over 100 seismic station was deployed during winter 1998-99 and they recorded over one thousand seismic events. During the field campaign I cared the northern part of the station network together with two collegeous. Preprocessing of the database after the field campaign took one year. I wrote my Master thesis about this work. More about it and the project can be found here.


CRUISE2000 was two weeks long marine geophysical study cruise on Baltian Sea in August 2000. During the cruise three ground stations was deployed to Hiidenmaa, Hankoniemi and Maarianhamina. Ground stations included magnetometer and seismometer units. My work was install, maintain and remove ground stations.