Oulun yliopisto

International ISR School, Arecibo, Puerto Rico, 21-26 July 2014


Please be aware that the programme of the school is still subject to minor changes. Note further that lectures will be made available on this page during and after the workshop.

The school will follow the general pattern of lectures in the morning, and group work in the afternoon. It will include a very brief introduction to the ionosphere and to radar, and then students will make an experiment proposal to run on the Arecibo Radar. The experiments will be carried out on Tuesday night, and analysed by the group during the following afternoons. The school end with all groups presenting their results on Saturday morning.

The detailed schedule is available on the Millstone Hill Science Wiki. There you can also download most of the lectures.

The at this school were (in alphabetical order): Anita Aikio (U Oulu), Christiano Brum (Arecibo Observatory), Anthea Coster (MIT Haystack), Philip Erickson (MIT Haystack), Craig Heinselman (EISCAT HQ), Ingemar Häggström (EISCAT HQ), Elizabeth Kendall (SRI International), Antti Kero (SGO), Bob Kerr (Arecibo Observatory), Ian McCrea (STFC-RAL), Mike Nicolls (SRI International), Bill Rideout (MIT Haystack), Anja Strømme (SRI International), Mike Sulzer (Arecibo Observatory), Thomas Ulich (SGO).

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