Oulun yliopisto


The All-Sky Camera (ASC) operated by SGO is part of the MIRACLE network of the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Operation starts in late August - early September when the nights start to be dark enough to observe northern lights. The season ends in mid-April when the bright nights arrive. The camera operates when the Sun is at least 10 degrees below the horizon. It takes photos through the green filter (557nm) every 20 seconds and trough the red (630nm) and blue (428nm) filters once per minute. In addition, the camera takes "white images" (2s exposure without any filter) every 15 minutes.

Overview data are presented as keograms and MPEG sequences. Latest keograms of the MIRACLE stations are available on the MIRACLE pages . MIRACLE keograms are uploaded to the MIRACLE page every working day morning (excluding holidays). SGO's own keogram archive and ASC movies are updated periodically.

The Atmospheric Physics Laboratory of the University College of London have a colour imager next to their Fabry-Perot interferometer. The camera takes a snapshot of the sky every 5 minutes. The exposure time of the photo is 20 seconds. Note: sometimes, especially during full Moon, there are reflections of the Fabry-Perot mirrors in the pictures.

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