Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory

EISCAT Measurement Campaign 2005

Last update: 2005-09-11, 1154 UT.

The MasterPlan will be updated in real-time to reflect what has actually 
been run during the campaign.  Note that the experiment types and 
start/stop times are given here, too. 

Finnish EISCAT Measurement Campaign 2005

The Master Plan

26.09.  Bus 1   Oulu - Karesuvanto      Kari
                                        (optical instruments)

        Passat  SGO - Karesuvanto       Tero
        LC      SGO - Karesuvanto       Thomas
                deploying optical instruments
                teams continue together to Kilpisjrvi
                deploying instruments
                teams continue together to Troms
                arrival Troms 26.09.
27.09.          deploying instruments in Troms
                Kari introduces Tero and Thomas to optical work

28.09.  Bus 1   Troms - Kilpisjrvi    Kari

        Bus 2   Oulu - Sodankyl        Mikko, Ilkka, Timo

29.09.  Bus 2   Sodankyl - Troms      Mikko, Ilkka, Timo, Antti

30.09.  Plane   Troms - Longyearbyen   Timo
                                        dep. 12.15 LT, arr. 13.55 LT

        MLbus   Sodankyl - Troms      Markku

        RUN     FI: UHF: arc1           1830UT - 0130+UT, Cluster 18-21
                FI: ESR: tau0 south

02.10.  RUN     FI: UHF: arc1           1830UT - 0130+UT
                FI: ESR: tau0 south

03.10.  Plane   Longyearbyen - Troms   Timo
                                        dep. 14.55 LT, arr. 16.30 LT

        ---     FI: UHF: no run         1830UT - 0130+UT, UHF faulty
        RUN     FI: ESR: tau0 south     1830UT - 1900UT
04.10.  RUN     FI: HEAT                1055UT - 1255UT, ANTII
                FI: UHF: sippi_dlayer12 1045UT - 1210UT
                FI: UHF: arc_dlayer_ht  1212UT - 1223UT
                FI: UHF: arc_dlayer     1225UT - 1255UT
                FI: UHF: sippi4         1257UT - 1307UT, test run

        RUN     FI: UHF                 1830UT - 0130+UT
                FI: UHF: sippi4         1830UT - 1900UT, test exp
                FI: UHF: arc1           1900UT - 1930UT
                FI: UHF: sippi4         1930UT - 2000UT, test exp
                FI: UHF: arc1           2000UT - 2030UT
                FI: UHF: sippi4         2030UT - 2100UT, test exp
                FI: UHF: arc1           2100UT - 2130UT
                FI: UHF: sippi4         2130UT - 2310UT, Tx failure

05.10.  RUN     FI: HEAT                0950UT - 1150UT, ANTII
                FI: VHF: arc_dlayer     0935UT - 1110UT
                         (mod. vers.)
                FI: VHF: sippiD12       1112UT - 1223UT
                FI: HEAT                1320UT - 1438UT
                FI: VHF: sippiD12       1308UT - 1438UT

        ---     FI: UHF: no run         1830UT - 0130+UT, UHF faulty

06.10.  RUN     FI: UHF: arc1           1820UT - 0130+UT

07.10.  RUN     FI: VHF: arc_dlayer_ht  0821UT - 0929UT
                FI: UHF: arc_dlayer_ht  0820UT - 0826UT
                FI: UHF: arc_dlayer     0827UT - 0929UT
                FI: Heat                0900UT - 0930UT
                FI: Heat                0940UT - 0950UT
                FI: VHF: sippiD12       0931UT - 0948UT
                FI: UHF: sippiD12       0931UT - 0948UT
                radar problems, staff needs a break for fixing
                FI: Heat                1020UT - 1030UT
                FI: VHF: sippiD12       1013UT - 1030UT
                FI: UHF: sippiD12       1013UT - 1030UT

        RUN     FI: Heat: beamswinging  1430UT - 1440UT
                FI: Heat                1440UT - 1630UT
                FI: VHF: sippiD12       1440UT - 1630UT
                FI: UHF: cp1l           1440UT - 1630UT
                    @ 100 km            1441UT - 1454UT
                    @ 120 km            1454UT - 1512UT
                    @ 110 km            1512UT - 1515UT
                    @ 120 km            1515UT - 1521UT
                    @ 250 km            1521UT - 1527UT
                    @ 230 km            1527UT - 1530UT
                    @ 220 km            1530UT - 1541UT
                    @ 230 km            1541UT - 1558UT
                    @ 240 km            1558UT - 1622UT
                    @ 250 km            1622UT - 1630UT
        RUN     FI: UHF: arc1           2200UT - 0130+UT
08.10.  Bus 1   Kilpisjrvi - Oulu      Kari

        Bus 2   Troms - Oulu           Mikko, Ilkka, Timo
        MLbus   Troms - Sodankyl      Markku, Antti
        RUN     UK: VHF: arc_dlayer_ht  0430UT - 0830UT, PAMS
        RUN     UK: VHF: arc_dlayer_ht  0800UT - 1200UT, DLETE
                UK: Heat                0800UT - 1200UT, DLETE

        RUN     UK: HEAT                1630UT - 1830UT, DROP
        RUN     UK: UHF, tau2pl, scan   1930UT - 2330UT, FACE

09.10.  RUN     UK: VHF: arc_dlayer_ht  0430UT - 0830UT, PAMS

10.10.  RUN     UK: VHF                 0430UT - 0830UT, PAMS

        RUN     UK: VHF: arc_dlayer_ht  0800UT - 1300UT, DLETE
                UK: Heat                0800UT - 1300UT, DLETE

        RUN     AA: VHF: tau8v_lowel    1700UT - 2100UT, Cluster
                AA: ESR: tau0l_cp4s     1700UT - 2100UT, Cluster

        RUN     UK: UHF: arc1           1930UT - 2330UT, FACE

11.10.  RUN ?   UK: VHF                 0430UT - 0830UT, PAMS

        RUN ?   UK: HEAT                1630UT - 1830UT, DROP
        RUN ?   UK: UHF                 1800UT - 2400UT, DAEA

12.10.  RUN ?   UK: HEAT                1630UT - 1830UT, DROP

        RUN !   AA: VHF+ESR             1800UT - 2200UT, Cluster

        RUN ?   UK: UHF                 1930UT - 2330UT, FACE

13.10.  LC      Troms - SGO            Thomas
                                        (optical instruments)

        Passat  Troms - SGO            Tero
                via Kilpisjrvi
                via Karesuvanto

14.10.  LC      SGO - Oulu              Thomas
                                        (optical instruments)
17.10.  RUN !   AA: VHF+ESR             1700UT - 2100UT, Cluster

24.10.  RUN !   AA: VHF+ESR             1630UT - 2030UT, Cluster


1. UT times are hhhhUT, LT times are LT.  If there's a plus (+)
behind a time, then the experiment ends on the following day.

2. EISCAT radar runs are marked RUN.  If followed by an exclamation mark
(!) then the run is definite.  If marked by a question mark, the run
depends on suitable geophysical and weather conditions and will be
decided on short notice according to the regulations of EISCAT.

3. The Sodankyl VLF Group comprises in this case Tauno and Jyrki.  The
group is expected to make their own arrangements for travelling and
using the scheduled experiments.  SGO's Land Cruiser is reserved for the
VLF Group.

4. Vehicles: Bus 1 and 2 are Oulu University VWs; Passat is the SGO 
Passat, LC is Thomas' car; MLbus: Markku Lehtinen's minibus.

5. Personnel listed by first names in order of occurrence: Kari Kaila,
Tero Raita, Thomas Ulich, Mikko Orisp, Ilkka Virtanen, Timo Pitknen,
Antti Kero, and Markku Lehtinen.

6. Sweden (Bjrn G) will contribute 26 to 32 hours of EISCAT time for
the scheduled experiments DROP, HFSEE, AAKK (in that order of priority).
Note that HFSEE is only listed on the main EISCAT schedule page, because
it's somewhat outside the UK-Finland(+Sweden) campaign.

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