Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory

EISCAT/VLF Measurement Campaign 2011

Last update: 2015-8-28, 12:28:45 UTC.

2012-02-03:Seminar about the EISCAT/VLF campaign
C-F Enell: Optical and incoherent scatter radar measurements
J. Vierinen: A novel artificial periodic irregularity experiment at EISCAT heating
A. Kero: D-region artificial periodic irregularities
J. Manninen: VLF Measurements

2012-01-04:VLF campain finished
THE VLF campaing in Kannuslehto continued over Christmas and New Year until today. The aerials are still in place and new campaign is possible in spring time.

2011-12-22: Finnish EISCAT campaign ended
Last hours of EISCAT operation time by Finnish team was used last night.

2011-12-09: Online spectrogram and photo available
We will continue remote monitoring of the site. Most of the time station has staff. EISCAT radar operations will start on 12 Dec 2011. Now we have more than 20cm snow at the site and the road starts to be quite difficult for regular cars. Activity level is really low. Even the sferixs backround is unusual low at the moment.

2011-12-08: Preparing the VLF site
This year VLF campaign was designed well in time. Site we know well, but the building of the antenna bases was done before snow. It was much easier and faster. Future642 and power generator were transferred to the site on 7 Dec 2011 and finally today the measurement and analysis computers and staff to start the measurements.

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