Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory

Research History

History of research topics in SGO in ionospheric and magnetospheric research

Before end of 1950's:

  • Magnetic variations
  • Pulsations

Late 1950's and 1960's

  • Ionospheric research
  • Es-layers
  • effects of nuclear explosions
  • auroral D and E regions
  • sunspot cycle variation in ionosphere radio aurora
  • auroral X-rays
  • absorption of cosmic radio noise
  • auroral particle precipitation
  • total electron content
  • Micropulsations


  • X-rays
  • devewlopment of riometer and ionosonde techniques
  • solar cycle variations
  • seasonal and diurnal variations and anomalies of absorption
  • extensive Es-layer studies
  • auroral absorption substorm
  • gravity waves anf F-layer
  • special absorption events
  • geomagnetic pulsations ands absorption


  • EISCAT development, measurement, observations, analysis
  • theoretical: formation of Es
  • IPDP pulsdations
  • ELF radio signals
  • solar and magnetic cycles
  • Polar Cap Absorption events
  • high resolutiopn observations by EISCAT
  • participation in large international campaigns


  • Ion chemistry modeling
  • applications of Statistical inversion theory
  • satellite radio tompography, optocal tomography
  • PCA-events
  • heating experiments
  • morphology of lower ionosphere
  • small scale structure of riometer absorption (IRIS)
  • long term trends
  • PCA events
  • solar wind by EISCAT
  • VLF emissions
  • man made VLF
  • heater induced VLF
  • substorms and VLF
  • ionospheric Alfvén resonator
  • morphology of short period pulsations
  • GUISDAP development

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