Sodankylš Geophysical Observatory

VLF Workshop 2004

Accommodation Information

There are two hotels in Sodankylš centre. Both hotels offer a special price for our Workshop. Note that rates are room prices, not person prices. Free transportation from these Sodankylš hotels to SGO and back will be arranged every day. Reservations for rooms must be made via Jyrki Manninen. Use the Registration form to make your hotel reservations.

Hotel Bear Inn

Single room 52 €/night
Double room 68 €/night
Business single room 83 €/night
Business double room 110 €/night.
Prices include breakfasts and evening sauna. In business room they have better quality steam shower for luxury staying.

Hotel Sodankylš

Single room 60 €/night
Double room 70 €/night.
Prices include breakfasts and evening sauna.

Other hotels

Other hotels are at Luosto skiing centre, about 40 km South-East of Sodankylš. There are Hotel Scandic Luosto and Hotel Luostotunturi (with a spa). If you want to choose these hotels, you must make your own reservation directly to the hotel. You have also to care the transportation from hotel to SGO yourself.

Hotel Scandic Luosto: phone +358-16-624400, fax. +358-16-624410
Hotel Luostotunturi: phone +358-16-620400, fax +358-16-624388

SGO guestrooms:

SGO has guestrooms for about 20 participants. Local organizing committee (LOC) reserves them for participants who have urgent need for moderate priced accommodation. If you need such accommodation you must request it. LOC will make final decision that who gets guestroom.

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