EIRA - EISCAT_3D Style Imaging Receiver Array with Digital Beamforming

Project number: A70917

Active: 1.6.2015 – 31.5.2018

Planned budget: 570,000 EUR (ERDF contribution 399,012 EUR)

The purpose of the project is to strengthen the research infrastructure of the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory by procuring a next generation system for the development and research of upper atmosphere and near-Earth space research.

The project comprises the planning of the procurement and purchase of research instruments that will have the capacity to receive entirely digital radar data.

The EIRA system will be one of the instruments maintained and utilised by the SGO's Radio Science Laboratory (RLab model, A70179 and RLab investment, A70192 projects). It will also be a demonstration of a receiver method that can be utilised entirely or partially as a possible solution for the upcoming international EISCAT_3D.

The EIRA system will be a combination of fully digital beamforming and innovative processing of data collected from different antennae. The system will include new features such as the possibility of beamforming separately for even individual antenna groups as well as innovative data transfer, which will facilitates the collection of as original as possible data from the entire array of antennae before its mathematical processing and analysis.

This intelligent solution can help resolve beamforming as well as signal transfer and processing challenges in problem arrays such as the EISCAT_3D.

Contact information: Tomi Teppo, Project Manager, t o m i (a) s g o . f i