ATKT - Feasibility study of a Finnish Space Situational Awareness Radar

Project number: A75066

Active: 03.06.2019 - 31.05.2020

Planned budget: 91 802 EUR

ERDF: 73 441 EUR

Feasibility study of a Finnish Space Situational Awareness Radar

This project investigates the feasibility of a modern Finnish Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Radar, which produces SSA capability nationally in Finland and internationally for European Union. Such a radar would serve uniquely Finland's participation in the proposed 16 billion euro Space Program of the forthcoming Horizon Europe program, and would from EU's perspective optimally utilize Finland's geographic location in the Arctic region of the European Union.

The project produces performance specification and definition of the technology solution for a modern high-power, high-resolution and sensitive radar, which is capable of tracking space debris, satellites and possibly Earth-threatening asteroids. Additionally the project produces cost estimates for constructing and operating the radar, proposal of possible locations in Finland, proposal on how to organize the operation and maintenance, including investigating simultaneous use of the radar facility for continuous finding and tracking of targets and for short-term research campaign measurements.

The project enables for Finland a better and for EU an independent ability to produce data for space situational awareness. This is a requirement for the independent space activity and security in our future society.

Contact information: Tomi Teppo, Project Manager, t o m i (a) s g o . f i