ARKS - Arctic Development Environment for Radio Methods and Applications

Project number: A74305

Active: 1.12.2018 – 30.11.2021

Planned budget: 499,000 EUR

Arctic Development Environment for Radio Methods and Applications project aims to create new methods to investigate near geo-space environment using the development environment of the Sodankyla geophysical observatory (SGO). In the Project the ways to translate the upper atmosphere measurement methods to ground penetrating measurement methods will be investigated. In the Pro-ject the Radio Science Laboratory of SGO will be connected to the operations of the Cluster of the Arctic Development Environment (part of the Arctic Smartness Excellence project) and to Centre of Arctic Geoinnovations -project.

The Project strengthen the role of the SGO to be an important partner to develop new methods to research geo-space environment using new international incoherent scatter radar, EISCAT_3D.

The companies are connected to the Project via Clusters and via Centre of Arctic Geoinnovations. The target is that companies benefits from results in their own product development processes.

After the Project the companies have been cooperating using the development environment of Ra-dio Science Laboratory of SGO and had influenced to work so that they can benefit from results us-ing their own work. The results of the Project have been presented in seminars and meetings and they have been adopted to part of the research methods. The Radio Science Laboratory has been taken as a part of operations in Cluster environment.

Contact information: Tomi Teppo, Project Manager, t o m i (a) s g o . f i