Observatory Days 2016
13th-15th January 2016  •  Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory

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The purpose of the SGO Observatory Days is to discuss science and future strategies and actions related to space research. Naturally this includes the presentation of recent results and recent, current as well as future activities. A list of past and future seminars is given at the bottom of this page.

The next Finnish EISCAT Collaboration Meeting will be part of the Observatory Days and take place on Friday morning.

The meeting will begin at 13:30 LT on Wednesday, and end at 12:00 LT on Friday.

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Note: Seminar language will be English!

Group Photo

The Observatory Days 2016 had a record number of 41 registered participants. Thank you all for coming and for your contributions to the meeting. (Group Photo; 5.5 MB)

Registration and Abstract Submission

The registration fee is 59 EUR/person to be paid upon arrival. The fee will cover four coffee breaks, lunch on Thursday, and the official dinner. It is possible to have lunch on the other weekdays at own cost.

Registration Closed now. Deadline: 11th January 2016
Travel to Sodankylä Closed now. Deadline: 12th January 2016, 10:00 EET
Abstracts Closed now. Deadline: 7th December 2015


Discussion topics:

Outline Programme and Abstracts

Detailed programme available here


The Observatory Days will take place at Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory, in the lecture room of the Polaria building.


There are several options for accommodation in the village of Sodankylä. They are listed below, with links to their official webpages. We will try to co-ordinate transport from the hotels to the observatory by utilising free places in participants' cars and by SGO minibus.

In addition you can book a room at Luosto skiing centre. Luosto is about 45-60 min drive from Sodankylä. Note, that we will not be able to provide transport to and from Luosto.

SGO and the Arctic Research Centre of FMI also have a few guest rooms available. For SGO guest rooms please contact Thomas Ulich directly. For FMI guest rooms, please contact FMI-ARC directly.

SGO guest rooms are fully booked now.

Past and Future Seminars

X Observatory Days 9-11 January 2019.
IX Observatory Days 10-12 January 2018.
VIII Observatory Days 11-13 January 2017.
VII Observatory Days 13-15 January 2016.
VI Sodankylä Seminar 7-9 January 2015.
V Sodankylä Seminar 7-9 January 2014.
IV Sodankylä Seminar 11-13 June 2012.
III Sodankylä Seminar 3-5 January 2011.
II Sodankylä Seminar 7-8 January 2010.
I Sodankylä Seminar 10-11 January 2008.