Sodankylä Seminars
11th-13th June 2012  •  Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory

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The purpose of this seminar, which will take place for the fourth time in 2012, is to discuss science and future strategies and actions related to space research. Naturally this includes the presentation of recent results and recent, current as well as future activities.

The seminar will begin at 13:30 LT on Monday, 11th June, and end in the afternoon at 12:00 LT on Wednesday, 13th June. Lunch 12:00-13:30 LT on all three days, breakfast will be available for guest room occupants. The famous Midnight Sun Film Festival will take place 13th to 17th June. Please plan your travel accordingly, and reserve accommodation early!

[SGO], [U Oulu]

Note: Seminar language will be English!


Premilinary list of topics in random order:

Please contact Thomas Ulich and suggest more/other topics to be discussed.

Important Deadlines and Registration

The registration fee is 60 EUR/person to be paid upon arrival at our finance office.

Registration 4th June 2012 register
Abstracts 14th May 2012 submit
Accommodation 14th May 2012 reserve

Programme and Abstracts

Last year's programme (v 20110104, 0633UTC) and the abstracts (v 20110104, 0508UTC) are available as pdf.