Bistatic observations of ULF waves in SPEAR-induced HF coherent backscatter

Yeoman, T., Robinson, T., Wright, D. and Baddeley, L.

University of Leicester, Leicester, UK

Recent experimental campaigns with the SPEAR high power system on Svalbard have succeeded in generating heater-induced backscatter simultaneously on the Finland and Iceland CUTLASS HF radars. The high-power, high time resolution, low spectral width backscatter has been used to generate vector measurements of the wave’s ionospheric electric fields, which enable the determination of the characteristics of such naturally-occurring ULF wave activity over Svalbard. Both large-scale field line resonances, and small scale wave activity associated with magnetospheric wave-particle interactions have been observed. The characteristics of such waves at the very high latitudes of Svalbard will be compared with predictions.