Tor Hagfors: A career in incoherent scatter at Stanford, Millstone Hill, Jicamarca, Arecibo, and EISCAT

Farley, D.

Cornell University, Ithaca, USA

Tor Hagfors made major contributions to both planetary radar astronomy (theory of scattering from rough surfaces) and to incoherent scatter from the ionosphere (theory of scattering from thermal fluctuations in plasma density) throughout a long and productive career. He played major roles in the leadership of the three largest incoherent scatter radar (ISR) observatories (Jicamarca, Arecibo, and EISCAT) and also of the Max Planck Institute in Lindau, Germany. He was an outstanding theorist, experimentalist, and scientific leader and administrator. He spearheaded the major upgrade of Arecibo in the 1990s and was the founding Director of EISCAT. This talk will review his many contributions to our field and attempt also to give a bit of the flavor of his personality.