Observation of ionosphere response to HF heating at Barentsburg

Mochalov, A.1, Pashin, A.1 and Yeoman, T. K.2

1 Polar Geophysical Institute, Apatity, Russia
2 Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Leicester, Leicester, UK

A series of heating experiments have been carried out on 2006 at SPEAR heating facility at Svaldbard. The experiments on modulated ionosphere heating were mainly aimed on injection of the artificial MHD waves into upper ionosphere. Ground based observations of the artificial magnetic pulsations near heating site provided by Polar Geophysical Institute at Barentsburg show some interesting features. Probability of their excitation is rather small (~10%) and independent from k-index of magnetic activity. Density of ionospheric current estimated from magnetic disturbances during intervals of the artificial emission generation being in the range 100 200 mA/m corresponds to a moderate disturbances. The pulsation intensity does not vary significantly, only one case shows amplitude exceeded others by the order. Numerical modeling of the ground based artificial emissions could solve a problem of their effective generation.