Cusp density enhancements by Fossil FTEs?

McCrea, I., Davies, J., Hapgood, M. and Howells, V.

Rutheford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton, UK

We will present data taken dring the interval from 06 to 10 UT on April 23 2006, when the Cluster spacecraft were moving from the nightside to the dayside through the magnetic cusp. The magnetic footprint of Cluster was close to conjugacy with the VHF and ESR radars, which were both running in support of Cluster operations.

IMF Bz was initially southward, turning to northward later in the interval. During the period of Bz south, strong density signatures were observed by both the EISCAT radars and by Cluster, and we seek to interpret these events in terms of FTE signatures, possibly generated at the sub-solar magnetopause before being convected into the cusp region.