Coordinated EISCAT and ALIS observations of the active auroral arc system

Sergienko, T.1, Sandahl, I.1, Safargaleev, V.2, Gustavsson, B.3 and Brändström, U.1

1 Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Kiruna, Sweden
2 Polar Geophysical Institute, Apatity, Russia
3 University of Tromsø, Tromsø, Norway

High time and space resolution optical (ALIS) and EISCAT UHF radar measurements have been used to study the ionospheric electrodynamics of system of the active auroral arcs. 3D distribution of volume emission rate of the auroral “blue”(427.8 nm) line obtained by tomography-like reconstruction from the multi station ALIS images was used for deducing the spectra of precipitating auroral electrons. Obtained spectra were used to calculate the 2D map of the ionospheric conductances. Ionospheric electric field obtained from the three static EISCAT measurements combined with the 2D conductance distribution allowed us to reconstruct the electric current system associated with the multiple auroral arc structure. Temporal evolution of the current system is discussed.