First results of an open-source based program for acquiring long time series of ionospheric parameters from the EISCAT Madrigal database

Belyey, V. and La Hoz, C.

University of Tromsų, Tromsų, Norway

A software package has been designed and implemented to retrieve and process data from the EISCAT Madrigal database. The software package is an important tool to achieve the objectives of the EISCAT_3D Work Package 10, namely to explore the potential of the new radar to carry out climatic studies based on examination of long-time data series and to construct models of ionospheric electron density relevant to improving the accuracy of navigation and positioning parameters produced by the GPS and Galileo satellite constellations. Included are examples produced by the tool that show daily, seasonal and solar cycle variations of electron density measured by the EISCAT radars over two solar cycles. Work is already under way to use the data acquired and processed by the tool to assess current ionospheric models, including those used to make corrections to positioning parameters produced by the Galileo and GPS satellite constellations.